Full name: Ian Gordon Stewart

Born in Whangarei, New Zealand, September 21, 1928; educated at Auckland Grammar and Auckland University.

Started journalism career on The New Zealand Herald, then worked for The Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Herald before being recruited by Reuters to report from Asia.

Wrote news stories for Reuters from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Foreign correspondent for The New York Times for 16 years, with Hong Kong as base apart from two years reporting on Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific out of Sydney.

In Sydney in 1980s worked in public relations and publishing while writing novels, a musical (unperformed) and two movie scripts - one on the Japanese break-out from the Cowra prison camp and the other based on my book, An H-Bomb For Alice. Neither movie went into production due to financing problems.

Back to Asia to work as a foreign correspondent from 1991 to 2001, residing in Singapore first, then Kuala Lumpur. Wrote for The Australian, The Daily Telegraph (London), South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), with occasional radio spots for the ABC, BBC and Deutsche Welle.

President of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong (two terms); president of the Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore (three terms).

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